Tuesday, September 30, 2008

GZ Spin Trainer from Gamercize

The "GZ Spin Trainer" will be formally announced in October by Gamercize (UK-based), and exhibited to the public later that month, as a solution for high end sports training, suitable for athletes and sports people who demand an even higher level of exercise in active gaming. Check out the larger shot of the specially modified spinning bike and other details. (*Note: the group of spinning bikes is not the new GZ Spin Trainer and came from the NY Times.) A little bird shared this photo of the last prototype before the first production run comes from some small country named China. The photo was shot from the rider's position looking down at the armrest bars and the GZ Spin Trainer display. I believe it is the first full-sized Gamercize exercise machine and it is obviously more solid than their Gamercize Power Stepper or Gamercize Endurance Cycle. The maximum capacity of the Power Stepper is 220 pounds and I'm not sure if the Endurance Cycle has a maximum. For individuals of normal weight, the weight limit is not a huge problem but I've come across a couple of instances where heavier subjects (210lbs) and overweight youth were on the cusp of being too heavy for the Power Stepper as they could feel the flexing in the frame. I know nothing would break but they felt a little awkward using the stepper and I'm sure using a full-sized machine like the GZ Spin Trainer would make them feel more comfortable.
Originally written on 09-13-2008. Updated 10-03-2008

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