Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wii Will Not Walk Alone

I posted earlier about Ubisoft's pedometer game for the DS, but this is a new pedometer patent for Nintendo and according to the links there's no telling into which platform this pedometer will be integrated. Seeing as the DS already has a pedometer, fit would make sense that this is being geared up to use with Wii games and maybe even the Wii Fit Board (if they don't already have too much dust on them). Click on to see my thoughts on the amount of motion sensing devices being let loose. It's really interesting to see how many more devices that are coming to market lately. Between the FitBit (FitClip), miCoach, jOG, and the many undisclosed projects, it's a pretty exciting time for those of us in the physical activity and motivation fields.
[Via Gizmodo, and OAMI via Kotaku]

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