Saturday, September 27, 2008

Helix - Hot Hands on Wii

After reading some interesting posts on the GFH (Games for Health) listserv, call it a coincidence, but look what popped up on the radar, Helix a WiiWare game. For a very low price-point (10 Euros - still have to check if it's available in US) you have essentially DDR for the upperbody (a la EyeToy) using the existing Wiimote and nunchuck. The debate has been going for a long time about why we don't see more "exergaming" titles by major studios, and typically it boils down to the millions of dollars it takes to design, develop, produce and market a typical game title. With Helix and more like it to be released as WiiWare and for PS3 Live, maybe this could be a major focus for the smaller (and bigger) software companies to develop physically engaging games that use existing hardware.

And here is the rest of it.

[Via Sporle & Co.]

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