Friday, November 21, 2008

Bike Hero Lights Up The Streets

Now this is truly not fair and oh so very cool. Playing the song Prisoner of Society by The Living End on Guitar Hero World Tour, this video takes active gaming from a relatively closed dimension (standing/sitting still and playing) to an open and dynamic dimension (riding the bike). I think that creating games that are inspired by an electronic game is a perfect example of what we call in education "enlisting". We take what kids already enjoy and use it to help capture the students' imagination and interest. It should be noted...
Now before you start prepping your "Bike Band" (you know, Rock Band on a bike) video, it should be noted that according to Creativity Online, this video was created by ad agency, Droga5, and not just a couple of suburban teenagers with too much time on their hands.
[Via Crave]

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