Tuesday, November 25, 2008

GoWear fit for a Healthier You

A few days ago, BodyMedia, the company known primarily for research devices that measure physical activity just released the first direct-to-consumer lifestyle and calorie management system. GoWear fit's squarish armband is coordinated by a wrist display and online management profile. I've been using the Armbands for about four years now, and I'm always happy with how easily the devices operate and how well the software is integrated with the hardware and the ability to view and sort the data according to my needs. Like another accelerometer-based device featured earlier (FitBit), GoWear appears to be the second all-in-one device and management system for a healthier life. Can't wait, can't wait to try one out. Prices with a wrist display look to range from $259-$299 (varying online subscriptions lengths).

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