Wednesday, November 26, 2008

TrueMotion 3D = Truer interaction

While "A game system not to be mentioned-AGSNTBM" has stolen the spotlight from most exergaming devices, the company Sixense has been working on their six degrees of freedom (X,Y,Z, pitch, roll and positional changes) controller called TrueMotion. TrueMotion is aptly named as its higher accuracy of motion sensors enables better interactivity and all of us in exergaming are anticipating this new technology to filter down to the consumers.

Watching the demo it performed in a lot of ways similarly to the Motus Darwin device (featured in May - Motus website) in that the device was able to capture six degrees of freedom. However, from my personal demo of Darwin I don't remember whether or not it detected my whole-body lateral movements as well as TrueMotion appears to. I must say that after seeing the close up images of TrueMotion I can't but help rave about Darwin's incredible design, comfortable grip, placement of buttons and of course the ability to lock two controllers together for easier gameplay of golf and every game player's dream...Star Wars Light Sabers. For now since both devices are in development, they are using wireless USB frequencies of unknown specification; however, as game developers and the Big 3 start to incorporate them they'll eventually be integrated into game consoles.

Now you may say to yourself what's the difference between the TrueMotion and the recent Nintendo add-on dongle MotionPlus (for the Wii-Mote featured earlier)? One is the magnetometer which provides six-degrees of freedom for the TrueMotion 3D vs adding on a dual-axis (X,Y) gyrometer (Invensense's IDG-600 MEMS) for MotionPlus. Take special notice at around 6:15 into the video to see what two TrueMotion input devices look like while playing the soccer goal-keeper mini-game. Jeff, CTO from Sixense, even suggests putting two other controllers on the feet to enable more whole-body movements and real kicks like other games (Shootball, Exertion Interfaces).

Check out after the jump for more Sixsense pics and videos.
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