Tuesday, October 13, 2009

M-Cross Single Seat Simulator @ KSF2009

Similar to the several other flight simulator like the Electronic Sports Dogfight, the M-Cross Single Seat Simulator was trotted out at the KSF2009 Korean Serious Games Festival in Seoul, South Korea (Sept 25-27, 2009).

This very maneuverable monster was equally great at playing traditional simulator games like HIS and Sonic-type action games. Now all we have to do is load up a version of one of my classic loves - 1942 and we're good to go.

WIBC #? Let's strap some EMG's on some players and see what kind of muscle activation we get especially in the core abs and obliques.

WIBC #? Better yet, use the readings from EMG to fly the plane....now we're talking ExerGame!

Check out after the jump for more videos and photos from KSF2009.

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