Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BrainBike XG for Stronger Mind & Body

Exergame Fitness USA just announced the release of the BrainBike XG which brings together a high-end recumbent bike loaded with a pc, Gamercize's "patented response technology", and brain training software by NeuroActive. Essentially you will need to pedal to play any of the brain-training games (via arm supported mouse table) that works on 16 different brain functions (processing speed, selective attention, math skills, and visuo-spatial skills to name a few). It does not appear to be a speed-based setup such as the typical GameBikes and Exerbikes, rather it is a form of movement-mediated gaming (MMG). In other words, you have to move to play the games. The price range will likely be out of range for most homeowners but for those schools and gyms looking to combine physical and neuroplasticity activities - the BrainBike could be a solution. I'm not sure if they're looking to add games that are related to the intensity and speed of the cycler, but lots of other groups have tried.... (Pantometrics, VCycle, Espresso, Electronic Sports Dogfight, etc.. - if you have any other examples please send them to me at (exergamelab at gmail dot com).
And here is the rest of it.

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