Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vinyl Record Exergame Spins Me Right Round Like a Record Baby

The Run-Around: Huge Vinyl Record = Tough Workout:
Theo Watson is at it again by making Vinyl Workout project the next possible music-based exergame.  Once a song is selected (no idea how that happens), you walk along the projected image of the record (I know old school for some us) and the song play faster or slower according to your walking/jogging/running speed - literally spinning you right round like a record baby.  Is there a threshold limit at each end of the speed spectrum? Running backwards makes the song play backwards,  as it is a "virtual" augmented representation of our old turntables without true a physical interface. We've seen plenty of Wii based DJ controllers but none that involves walking.

Vinyl Workout from Theo Watson on Vimeo.
WIBC (Wouldn't It Be Cool) to have a couple of of these turntables running side by side for DJ's to operate and use in a club.  Now that would be some really cool sweaty beat-mixing!  OK Theo - you have your next project!

Theo Watson's work has been featured before here on the ExerGame Lab for his interactive installation Funky Forest. More from Theo Watson on Vimeo

[Via Gajitz]

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