Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dance Central Wins E3 Critic Awards

Microsoft's Kinect launch of Dance Central could be the Dance Exergame that takes a place beside Eyetoy Kinetic as near full body interaction. The awards as reported by Kotaku, show yet another name for exergames (to go with active gaming, motion gaming, interactive fitness, iFitness, fitness gaming, dance simulation game, motion simulation game, video game exercise, video game fitness, motion-based video game, exertion interface, etc..).  From the footage I've seen so far, Dance Central seems to have tapped into the raw energy and simplicity of Just Dance, the inescapable rhythms and catchy beats of DDR/ Guitar Hero/Rock Band and partially into the group performance benefits of  Guitar Hero and Rock Band.  Can't wait to get this title into the Exergame Lab to test on students!

Best Motion Simulation Game
Dance Central
(Harmonix/MTV Games/Microsoft for Xbox 360)

Best Original Game
Dance Central
(Harmonix/MTV Games/Microsoft for Xbox 360)

Victoria Justice and Aria Wallace playing with...

Image via Wikipedia

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