Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hop! To Happiness & Health (exergame)

Click here to read Hopscotch Hero

Although this is an older installation, it reminds me of the simple games we all played when we were growing up. It's interesting to play these games with students now because they haven't grown up playing them. Hop! was created by Tinker for the 2009 Kinetic Art Festival. Can simple games like Hop! inspire more movement and social interactions?  Can more than one person play on it a time?  It sort of reminds me of Modular Interactive Tiles (formerly Therapy Tiles) from Henrik Lund and Lightspace Play Floor & Wall.

the installation consists of a vertical light display that reflects and responds to play happening on a chalked-out hopscotch game on the ground. users play the game as usual and can watch as their actions on the ground are translated onto the colourful display. [Via Gizmodo]

Hop from Tinker on Vimeo

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