Monday, November 29, 2010

German Kinect launch uses projection mapping

In Germany they like to do things bigger and more dramatically.  Take for example the recent launch of Kinect for Xbox.  A huge interactive art installation using projection mapping was created especially for this event.  Although they weren't playing any Kinect game, the idea is that you can play games by moving your body.  Keep playing my friends!

Xbox Kinect Launch - Interactive Art Installation from seeper on Vimeo.

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  1. Physical interactivity between the user and the environment or the user and the game as in (ExerGaming) is immensely enhanced when the interface is simplified to the point of being supremely intuitive.

    This installation requires nothing more than our bodies, no thumb twiddling, no dexterious finger flinging or disruptive or disconnected reliance on external 3rd party controllers. Plus the extremely social aspect of sharing the experience in a group and in combination with a large spectator audience.

    I love the observation of how people (adults) look stary eyed upon first noticing the installation and then gradually seek to become active in the event with a unabashed childlike enthusiasm. I've seen this again and again with our ExerGaming demonstrations, it's a wonderful acknowledgement of the power of whole body physical interactivity..the Magic of the 21st :)


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