Saturday, November 27, 2010

SNAP = Full Motion exerGaming

Is Playstation Move and Microsoft Kinect the newest motion gaming option? Not quite, Anthony Whitehead has been working in the exergaming space for some time and in 2007 presented his SNAP project (Sensor Networks for Active Play) and more recently revealed some of the data on how effective SNAP could be 

Exergame effectiveness: what the numbers can tell us

Anthony Whitehead  Carleton University
Hannah Johnston  Carleton University
Nicole Nixon  Dalhousie University
Jo Welch  Dalhousie University

Sensor Networks for Active Play (SNAP);
Anthony Whitehead, Hannah Johnston, Kaitlyn Fox, Nick Crampton, Joe Tuen



Anthony Whitehead, Nick Crampton, Kaitlyn Fox, & Hannah Johnston (2007). Sensor networks as video game input devices Proceedings of the 2007 conference on Future Play

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