Saturday, May 24, 2014

GranataPet #SnackBall iBeacon #Exegaming For Dogs

GranataPet #SnackBall is an interesting project from the pet food company that aims to keep dogs healthy in the park with their new "fitness ecosystem" AKA - a healthy and active lifestyle. By tweeting out a message with #SnackBall hashtag, the machine launches a ball away from the main unit, if the dog returns the ball fast enough, it gets a snack released from the machine. Along with the dog's size, the speed of the ball return and distance was calculated using an Arduino (insterted into a tennis ball) and iBeacon technology. If the return was too slow, no food will be dispensed and your best friend just might not be that happy to be in the park.

Although SnackBall is not to be confused with their earlier SnackCheck (2011) project which incorporated FourSquare - which used the slogan "Check in, Snack Out"

Exergaming Points 2 Ponder (ExP2P)

  • Using a camera to estimate the size of the dog, the timer is set to as to how long it should take for it to return the ball. I guess as in humans, using size to approximate level of fitness might not always yield positive results and correlations.
  • I wonder if there is a limit of how many times an owner can use the SnackBall machine. I suppose even if a dog kept getting snacks, eventually it would both tire physically and slow down because of all the extra food they've eaten.
  • For humans, how do we balance the extrinsic rewards that are given for a task with helping our clients, team, students develop intrinsic motivation and prolonged positive behaviors and/or changes.

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