Saturday, May 17, 2014

Most Active Tweets for @syangman (04/10-05/18)

Thanks to Twitter's great Analytics tools, you can find out lots of instant data on the activity of your tweets. Here are some of the more active tweets from my @syangman profile. Have a great weekend and stay active and well with your friends and family!
  1. 200+ articles on Interactive Health Technology & #wearabletech #FitTech clicks via@Flipboard
  2. Virtual reality preps for impact in healthcare,... via @mynewsana
  3. Xbox One Kinect used in therapies for kids with cerebral palsy clicks via @Polygon#exergaming @gamesforhealth #gfh
  4. @gamesforhealth Conf 2014 Boston 6/18-6/20. 3Days exploring videogame help with health+health… clicks
  5. Lumafit #fitnesstracker #kickstarter aims to improve fitness and #mindfulness #quantifiedself
  6. Tom Tom Run Run To head of the #fitnesstracker pack with GPS and HR watch? #wearabletech@ILoveMyPebble
  7. Just listened to @30secToVictory @JustinFitLLC @FitnessPsych podcast. Awesome advice and information! Thanks :) #happymonday
  8. Owlet smart sock for infants #wearabletech pairs with #mhealth app via Bluetooth syncs HR data + +@mobihealth
  9. XBand Speed Pro sensor fitness app measures speed and agility #wearabletech
  10. UMapMyFitness and Under Armour joining forces clicks #fitnesstracker #FitTech#wearabletech
View my Flipboard Magazine. View my Flipboard Magazine. View my Flipboard Magazine. View my Flipboard Magazine.
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