Friday, March 21, 2014

Dance Core Arcade #exergame

Will Dance Core get you up and grooving at the next arcade you visit? Unless you're in China, Japan, or Korea that's not likely to happen but you can still learn more about this dance rhythm arcade game while you're here. It looks like more like Dance Central's gesturing and dance moves (much more flowing than having to hold a Wii remote as in Just Dance) but instead of scrolling (left to right) upcoming moves (Just Dance, Dance Central) bars that come from all four cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) into the center of the screen. The bars cue players to move either feet and/or hands and all the extra hip swaying and arm gesturing seem to be naturally added by the dancers giving them lots of freedom to express themselves. No word on whether or not we will see this arcade system in the US, but if you see one please let me know below in the comments or on Twitter @syangman

Pics via Arcade Heroes: Dance Core Location Tests Spread Across Asia:

According to Arcade Heroes: "... Wahlap Technologies -producers of such arcade titles seen in the US recently such as Storm Racer, Power Truck and a couple of others – had a new dancing game they had released in China called Dance Core."

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