Friday, February 24, 2017

CES 2017 - Health, Fitness & Wellness Technology - Kuai, UA, AiQ (part 6)

CES 2017

UnderArmour had a great panel in the middle of their booth with Natasha Hastings (sprinter) and Mikaela Mayer (boxer)

  • U.S. National Team Boxer Mikaela Mayer will share her journey to peak performance. January 7th at 2PM PST
  • World Champion Sprinter Natasha Hastings will present on the pivotal role that recovery plays in her training. January 7th at 2PM PST

Smart earbud manufacturer Huai had a display for their successful Indiegogo project which looks to be the best fitting pair of sports earbuds/headphones for the active athlete.

 AiQ Smart Clothing also had a big display featuring their smartfabric meshed with high quality stainless steel fiber. They position themselves "...where electronics merge with textiles to create fashionable, functional, comfortable solutions to meet your everyday needs; whether it’s in sports & fitness, outdoor & leisure, home & leisure, home care & health care. We have the drive and capability to make Smart Clothing concepts into reality."

Click here to read more of ExerGame Lab's archived posts involving research studies. 

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