Sunday, December 20, 2009

Browser Pong...ExerGame Idea

A new post caught my eye for the possibility of a new exergame using existing technology that works already really well for web-based games (e.g. Pop Cap Games)....FootGaming.   FootGaming  is Judy Shasek's incredible invention and system for increasing physical activity at home, in schools, and in the community (workplace & recreation).  It is very versatile and works with the hundreds of PopCap Games or any other browser-based game like those available at Playnormous (featured by one of my students)

Browser Pong is a simple
flash browser-based game that uses tiny windows (non-maximized) to create the Pong paddles and ball.

WIBC - Wouldn't It Be Cool to get a FootGaming controller and hook it up to your browser to play Browser Pong.  Although not that much of a stretch - it gives people more games to play (get up and move) within a minimalistic set-up.

I was thrilled to have met Judy last year at the Games For Health Exergame Summit in Maine. I've always been blown away by her vision and to hear more stories and strategies she's used was inspiring.  Be sure to find more options and lesson plans at

Step a Little More My Friends, That's All It Takes. Shalom

[Via Kotaku]


  1. I'm curious what part of Browser Pong you believe to be Flash-based.

  2. My Bad. I was thinking Flash-based b/c Screenr is Flash-Based. Corrections coming. Thanks for the tip.


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