Thursday, December 3, 2009

FriiBoard is not Free

Have you ever lost your balance while playing Wii Balace Board games?  I have, and a new peripheral called the FriiBoard for the Balance Board will soon make those occurrences more frequent. Now I'll really have to clear the space around the TV to make sure I don't smash into something after losing my balance. Company owners Gail & Tom Stewart said:

"What was lacking was realistic sport-specific ‘movement’ off the screen to go with the action on the screen. We developed FriiBoard™ to bring the realistic movement of your favorite sports indoors to your favorite Wii™ games."

We'd love to test out the FriiBoard here in the ExerGame Lab  to see if it lives up to its claim to provide a more "real" gaming experience.  It would obviously help one's proprioception in terms of balance and stability tasks, however is the rocking mechanism too great and how does the bubble distribute one's center of pressure and affect excursions.  I guess we'll just have to wait until later this month once it starts shipping.

MRSP $50 will get you off-center or if you're looking to improve your golf swing try the company's Swing Stick which places the Wii mote at the end of a shortend club shaft.  I wonder how the weight of the club feels while swinging.  I still have cheap plastic attachments for the Wii, XaviX Golf, and GameTrak Real World Golf here in the ExerGame Lab, so I'm interested to see how the sensors (especially Motion Plus works with the the Swing Stick especially since it's supposed to be 1:1 motion recognition.

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