Saturday, January 9, 2010

Samsung MyFIt (CES 2010)

Unveiled at CES 2010, the Samsung MyFit is a fitness oriented MP3 player with a few extra goodies to keep you moving and motivated.  From the video and specs, it looks like it uses BIA (Bio-electrical impedance) to measure the your body-fat percent using a three site measurement protocol (much better than the cold metal calipers in our lab).  It will also help manage...
stress etc. with the help of accelerometer, fat and stress sensors. It also comes with two additional applications like water intake manager and smoking cessation utility.[Samsung Hub]
Will it have prompts and programming to engage in exergames or active games?  We'll see.

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  1. Think it's time to leave a gym now.. lol I won't need any more complicated machines at gym anymore with this player! Checking calories that you consumed and burned is great function to keep! I also found some images on MyFit so go below if you're interested just the way I am :)


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