Monday, April 10, 2017

Exergaming (Fitness Video Games) can increase Physical Activity

This story pick-up from Science Daily is from Tuomas Kari's dissertation recently defended and released online from the University of Jyväskylä.   Much of what was summarized in his work has also been my findings in that exergames need to be fun, enjoyable, sociable and skill (competence) building in order to continue doing. You just can't hammer users into doing something for the health benefits alone; rather, "games could present the potential health benefits of playing to the player."

Digital gaming has generally been perceived to increase individuals’ sedentary time. According to a new dissertation, gaming can also act as a medium to promote health. Exergaming is a form of digital gaming that combines games with physical activity: the game requires physical activity from the player in order to play the game, and the outcome of the game is partly determined by that physical activity. Examples of such games are console-based dance games and different mobile exergames, such as Zombies Run and Pokémon GO.
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