Monday, February 28, 2022

Too much VR? ‘VZfit’ overwhelms the senses in all the wrong ways

Keep a balance between an immersive game and physical activity driven interfaces has been a challenge since the Nintendo Powerpad and through EyeToy, Wii, and Kinect. The user's experience playing VZFit is definitely one that should be considered if you're interested in the workout world of virtual reality. 

From the passages described, one of the bigger issues was when using Google Earth and Oculus VR, moving from place to place was disorienting given the way you "move" from spot to spot.
I was teleported to a kind of twisted, 3-D reflection of my youth. The VR-mapped scenery rolling past me along my childhood street looked vaguely familiar, but its warped nature felt like someone was extracting my memories through some sort of neural jack, transmitting them somewhere via a 14.4 modem and reassembling them around me. I feel like this must be what the world looks like once you've been assimilated into the Borg."

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