Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Game Fit Cross-Trainer: Slide Your Way To Health

Will the GameFit Cross-Trainer be the next great exergame / "Game Changer?" In Boston at the Games for Health Conference, I spoke with VisionQuest International CEO Brent Meldeau about their Game Fit Cross-Trainer which is planning to debut sometime in early 2010. The images and video are from early prototypes so it will be great to see what they can pull together in terms of product and game play. In the days to come, I will post the audio from my interview with Brent, but in the meantime check out one way you can slide your way to better health. FYI - Sliding can be an excellent way to burn a lot of calories and it is a low-impact activity (easy on joints).

The StepSlider (GameFit Cross-Trainer prototype) is a "Low Impact", "High Intensity" Aerobic Exercise Device. StepSlider, "The Ultimate Interval Training Device" is comprised of two aerobic steps with a slick concave slide board which attaches to the upper most part of each aerobic step whereby the exerciser may either exercise with the step portion only, slide portion only and/or combine the two exercise's together.

And here is the rest of it.

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