Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sony 3D Motion Controller with Webcam Wows E3

Rick and Anton from the EyeToy development team showed off their new 3D 1:1 Motion Controller that integrates with a webcam (I would imagine the Playstation Eye).  To lots of applause, the demo goes through FPS demos, archery, fighting games as well as some fun casual games. Due to ship in Spring 2010 I will be waiting to see how this works and would love to try some of the demos.  Watching the demo I can’t stop thinking about the Motus Darwin I demo’s at last year’s Games for Health conference in Baltimore. Hmmmm? One report said that the Motion Controller does not require gyrometers or accelerometers but I will check and update this post.

Motus Games Darwin 3D controller

Click here to see more information from E3 2009

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