Monday, June 1, 2009

Project Natal: Controller-free Gaming Xbox 360 = Universal Design

Project_Natal_E3 (1)

Ricochet was the first sport/fitness game featured on the newly revealed E3 demo of Project Natal. Using full motion sensors that detect not only direction but force (similar to EyeToy Kinetic) the player is free to move all about using whatever body-part necessary to score as many points. Looks great because it will integrate with Xbox Live and allow you to watch movies without a remote and according to one game studio’s trial, there will be gesture, emotion, and voice recognition and some pretty powerful interactions with AI. Enter the Matrix, Holodeck, Minority Report….you name it. Movemement controlled interaction with no input device = priceless (not to mention battery-less).

image_04 2009.06.01 15.04


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