Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Facesay - Social Skills Game for Students with Autism

My student Jenna Monahan created this autism awareness video as part of her final project this semester and she   nailed it!  The pc-based game she played is called FaceSay. There are some great research findings available on their website. The online video creator we used was Animoto and it does a fantastic job of getting professional video transitions, adding text and include short video clips.


  1. Thanks for the nice comments about my silly FaceSay social skills games. The paper on the FaceSay Randomized Controlled study you mention was published in Feb 2011

    Both the HFA and LFA FaceSay participants improved relative to controls on in-vitro emotion recognition and in-vivo playground social interaction measures.

    The HFA FaceSay participants also improved relative to controls on a Facial Recognition measure. The LFA FaceSay participants also improved relative to control on a parent self report.

    Kind Regards,


    Casey Wimsatt

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