Friday, May 21, 2010

Super Mario Brothers on a Dance Pad (Newest Older ExerGame)

Nick Hagman (AKA DJ17Nario) has hacked lots of things including using a Guitar Hero (via to play Virtua Figher but in the more physically demanding arena, he played (and beat it on the 15th take) Super Mario Brothers on NES Virtual Console on the Wii and used the NES dance pad as the controller. Remember when games could be finished in 10 minutes (after lots of practice)? 

Poll: Have modern video games gotten too complicated and have game controllers become too precise to be played by people of all abilities?customer surveys

Game controller 1
Now my question is can either the NES dance pad or the newer Wii dance pads or Outdoor Challenge pads can be used as alternate game controllers on current Wii titles?
[Images via Joystiq & LiftLab]

Be sure to check out Judy Shasek's Footgaming site for all matters related to playing hundreds of PC (Flash-based) games using a dance pad and pc controller/adapter. 
FootGaming with FootPOWR

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