Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Analog Tetris is Physical & Fun

Analog Tetris is project out of that has blocks of wood that slide on an inclined plane and like the real tetris, you have to place them correctly before your stacks overflow. Sort of reminds me of the arm-wrestling Tetris I featured a while ago. Watching the video it becomes evident you can move your pieces after they've fallen and it's not clear how you clear your row/ blocks.  Otherwise it looks pretty fun and I'd definitely give it a whirl.  You can even rent the Analog Tetris for your next event. 

[Via Designboom and Geekologie]

Tetris analógico // Analogical Tetris from Esferobite-DSK on Vimeo.

Be sure to check out iDANCE and LightSpace at the Games for Health Conference in Boston, MA next week.  Play those two games and more to win great prizes from the ExerGame Lab and other members of the ExerGame Network.

For all your exergaming needs and information, be sure to visit the unbiased source for all things related to ExerGaming and Active Gaming at The Exergame Network (TEN) and of course here on the ExerGame Lab blog.

Be sure to watch for updates and coverage coming from the 2010 Games for Health Conference - May 25-27th from Boston.

Our biggest and most advance event ever promises to provide great insight to the growing worlds of exergaming/active games, health training games, disease management efforts, and much much more.

Our conference platform provides attendees with great content, important networking opportunities, and a focus on providing opportunities to develop new projects and improve existing efforts.   In 2010 we are adding more defined and community led tracks and concentrating on greatly improving exhibits and non-session oriented content and activity.

Our full schedule will be available later in 2010 but you can see the planned schedule outline now here.

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