Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ExerGame Pullup

Raft approachingFloyd has done it again, just releasing an ExerGame project titled "Hanging Off a Bar" where the object is to hang onto a bar for as long as you can while game elements are projected on the floor below you. Occasionally rafts come by which allow you to put your feet on the ground, then as the raft scrolls off the floor, you have to grab the bar and hang again. Bravo Floyd and team at Interaction Lab.  (Images Via Exertion Interfaces website)

This is how Floyd describes his newest game:
Hanging off a Bar is an Exertion Game (Exergame) that entices players to hang off a bar as long as they can by augmenting the activity with a computer game element: projected under the player is a river with rafts coming by, on which the player can jump to recover, but not for too long, because the raft goes down the waterfall, so the player has to jump back up on the bar again!

In the title of the movie clip, it says "Hanging off a Bar - An Exertion Game (Exergame) with no Movement!". At first glance when I see the words "no movement" I infer that there is no muscle activity; however, in physiological terms players' muscles are contracting isometrically in that the muscle remains the same length. This does not imply that no muscle activity occurring, just that there is no discernible shortening or lengthening of the muscles being used. Other isometric contractions include pushing on the sides of a doorway with your hands or holding yourselves up in the push-up position.  I suppose it also depends on how the players interact with the bar, whether they do a pull up or simply hang.

Wouldn't it Be Cool (WIBC) - I wonder if they could have a height sensor that would force the players to get their legs up over a height - maybe in the form of an image projected on the side wall - which would force the player to really work different muscle groups  especially the abs.

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