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Battle Tag Brings Exergaming Outdoors and Console Free

Play laser tag outdoors (FPS, Survival mode) or anywhere you want or even biatholon using Ubisoft's newest exergame - Battle Tag. At E3 last night, they unveiled exergaming's newest entry into an ever changing user interface market. In how Ubisoft describes Battle Tag as the first Live Shooter Game (LSG), the infrared (IR) lasers have a 70 meter range while the pc base needs to stay within a range of 300 meters in order to keep track of the game using the UbiConnect antennae.  You can pick up health, ammunition, or objective packs to keep your game going and they are scanned using the RFID sensors placed in both the gun and packs. This is somewhat reminiscent of Hyper Dash, Hyper Jump, Animal Scramble from Wild Entertainment  and an FRID toy called Swinxs that is finally available in the US. It would be neat to test all three systems to compare what kids like about each system. If you know someone that can get us a test kit - please get in touch with me at
Other features include:
  • UbiConnect Game Master program & antennae
  • Up to 8 players can play together (4 v 4)
  • User-generated data shared with Battle Tag community
  • Laser sensing vests
  • Voice prompting from Game Master transmitted via the laser gun's speakers
Exergaming Benefits
  • Physical activity (primarily cardiovascular) away from a console.
  • If most of the movements are near maximal and in short bursts, it could be one of the elusive exergames that elicit the vigorous intensity level that has shown to have excellent health benefits.
  • Choice of many types of games and challenges.
  • Social interaction with peers while playing and after receiving results.
  • Strategies (individual and group) and group dynamics.
  • Problem-solving during game-play.
Exergaming Concerns
  • If we really want the kids to get outdoors, they probably should focus on making this game/ type of exergame a mobile-based system (think Jogging at Distance)  or one that can leave the range of UbiConnect and continue to be able play. Similar to some wireless real-time heart-rate monitors that leave the base range and continue to collect data - then when you get back in range, the data is streamed to the base.
  • Tethered to the UbiConnect base (300m).
  • "Shooting" / using humans as targets.
  • Batteries and charging system.
  • Any haptic feedback in vest or gun?
  • GPS / mobile systems in development? 
  • Customizable games and features?
  • Language packs?
Release date Holiday Season 2010.  I know what I'm going to ask Santa for this Christmas:-) Tag On!

Los Angeles, USA – June 14, 2010 –Today live at the E3 exposition in Los Angeles, Ubisoft demonstrated a unique new brand of video game toys. The new UbiConnectTM brand brings video games and toys together to offer an immersive and innovative game experience. The brand launches in holiday 2010 with its first product, Battle TagTMa real shooter game that can be played between friends anywhere – at home or outside.
Battle Tagcombines the best of two worlds: a laser tag game and a shooter video game. Using unique real world accessories, players will be able to recharge and increase their life points. The PC will act as a Game Master, challenging players and keeping track of scores between teams. Players will also be able to download new content, create their own content and share with their friends and the Battle Tagcommunity.
“Today’s children grow up with video games and accept them as a part of their play time,” said Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer at Ubisoft. “UbiConnect brings together video games and physical toys, allowing players to play the game both at and away from a video screen.”
Battle Tagis a social, physical and fun experience that brings the interactivity of video games into real life using real world toys and accessories. Battle Tag will launch across North America during this fiscal year.
For more information on Battle Tag, please visit:

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  1. One of the best laser tag systems ever created. Very accurate and lots of game types. Excellent quality pistols and vests and killer range outdoors in the sun. Too bad it was a marketing flop for Ubisoft. I have 6 sets, two expansions and loving every game!

    If you see a set for under $100 buy it!!!!!


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