Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ProPack Mini for Smaller Hands and Bigger Smiles

pro_pack_mini_wii_controllerPower A is releasing the Pro Pack Mini Wii remote and nunchuk named MiniRemote and MiniChuck respectively. I've found that people with small hands have a hard time holding on to the regular Wii Mote and for the young ones hard to operate. At least these new devices will be easier to hold, but there's no going around which button to press/release when with a novice or young child.  Of course some may argue that young children shouldn't be playing video games - but that's an argument for another time.  Will this ProPack Mini set be easier to operate for people with disabilities including those with upper-body (especially manipulative) limitations? We'll have to get a set to actually see how the controllers change the users interaction.

[via Kotaku]

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