Friday, June 18, 2010

GFH2010 - The Health Effects of Drumming & Drumming Games - Clem Burke Project

The Health Effects of Drumming & Drumming Games: Introducing the Clem Burke Drumming Project
Marcus Smith presented their research into the cardiovascular effects of  rock drumming and the implications on in-game drumming (Rock Band, Rock Revolution). It was awesome to see the similarities in the effects - but its important to remember that these were two of the most skilled drummers in each of their respective drumming fortes.

The energy cost of rock drumming: a case study
Physiological demands of rock drumming: a case study

Rock Drumming via Figgs from Extreme was playing to a track at a heart-rate of 190 beats per minute - which needless to say is in the vigorous physical activity intensity range - in fact for most un-trained adults we don't recommend those levels at all. In-game drumming expert by Harmonix lead designer John is arguably one of the most skilled drummers and he was pushing his heart rate to levels similar to that of Figgs - although from what I recall - not quite as high. I have to check the tape.  Stay tuned to this blog for more on Rock Drumming. Rock on my Friends!

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