Monday, June 4, 2012

E3 Predictions for #exergames: Will Kinect Fit Play Be a Game Changer?

  • Will Kinect Fit Play & Joule shake up the health and fitness industry?
  • Will Kinect Fit Play & Joule be part of the solution to data gathering for health assessments in schools and practices?
  • What will Joule  look like with heart-rate displayed on screen?
  • I'm also interested in seeing the fitness data tracking feature as that is such an important areas for wellness and healthcare.
  • How will the data be transfered across titles?
  • Will there be integration with MS Health Vault to allow data to be transferred to physicians, HMO's, schools?
  • Will the Joule device be compatible with Windows Phone platforms to gather data while away from the console? Will it have its own memory to store data until the next time its in range with a device/port?

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