Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wii Fit U (E3): Will U Get Fitter Exergaming?

At E3, Nintendo has been busy with their unveiling of the Wii U console, GamePad and Controller. To get the #exergaming genre going, this demo video of Wii Fit U show how the GamePad will sometimes display the virtual trainer while the on-screen action shows the background scenery (See EP2P #1). As with many other exergames in this fitness video game niche, calorie tracking is again a big part of the feedback players/exercisers receive (See EP2P #2). Having to stand to play Wii Fit U on the GamePad forces the head and neck into hyper-flexion (See pics below and EP2P #3),


Exergaming Points to Ponder (EP2P)

  1. I suppose it only really works for slower types of exercises and stretches as it would be too hard to always have to look down.
  2. How accurate are the formulas Nintendo is using in the software, and is it the same across titles and game studios?
  3. Free from TV but not from neck hyper-flexion if held for prolonged periods of time. I wonder also how looking down while standing on the Balance Board will mess with your vesitbular balance especially those with balance issues, patients recovering from stroke, etc.

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Pics via cnet.com

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