Saturday, April 26, 2014

NEON FM by Unit E Rhythm Arcade #Exergaming

Fast-paced arcade #exergaming just got more rhythm with Neon FM by Unit E. With easy unlimited multi-player linking machines (not sure if there is remote / online linking), smartphone login via the Cardiac QR system, and a "Fail No More" leveling system that adjust for poor performances that won't end the game– but will automatically reduce the difficulty (Competence) while you’re playing. A mobile version is reportedly coming this spring 2014, keep your eye out for it.

I also love this feature that I haven't seen on other arcade machines:
Try before you buy
Players can sample songs before they even put coins into the machine!
Thanks to Arcade Heroes for the tip.

Exergaming Points 2 Ponder (ExP2P)

  • Reducing the level of difficulty in-game is a huge shift in game-play options as it is more likely to encourage those who find a level particularly difficult (especially for the beginners)
  • For those new to rhythm gaming, hand-eye coordination, audio/sound/rhythm coordination, anticipation, agility, and kinesthetic awareness are the primary skill-related and health-related fitness skills required to be successful.
  • Now I'm sure if we were to measure heart-rate and energy expenditure using NEON FM we would get the full-range from low, to moderate to vigorous intensities and this might be a little more strenuous than the typical motion gaming titles like Wii Sports (probably on par with Wii Boxing).
Concluding Thoughts
Exergaming especially when combined with extended periods of time can be beneficial to health outcomes like cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Along with coordinated rapid hand-eye movements and social interaction, video gaming can provide health benefits that "more than meets the eye"


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