Tuesday, April 4, 2017

LEOMO TYPE-R Wearable Cycle Motion Analysis

LEOMO = Laws and Equations Of MOtion

Monitoring all aspects of a competitive cyclist has been pretty difficult given the large distances traveled and the various phases of a workout. Sure there are plenty of GPS, heart rate monitor, or activity tracker based systems including Strava, Garmin, Lezyne, & Magellan.

Using a collection of wearable sensors placed on the cyclist, data is captured and coordinated into the main portable unit's processor to give detailed analysis and feedback of each phase of the cyclist's drive /recovery phases and pedal rate discrepancies.

Although not typically not a game, LEOMO uses motion analysis, feedback, and peer support to aid cyclists in obtaining maximum efficiency and output for their riding goals. Many of these same elements have been successful in gaming environments and when you examine how data is presented and or gamified, you could quickly see how this ecosystem might be useful for other populations.

LEOMO Inc. Introduces TYPE-R Wearable That Does Motion Analysis For Cyclists, Triathletes:

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