Friday, April 7, 2017

NASA using VR & game tech to train astronauts

NASA trains astronauts with zero-G virtual reality to get used to the physical and physiological effects of zero gravity environments.

They also have state of the art computer simulators (just like airline and fighter pilots) where pilots/astronauts spend thousands of hours in these multimillion to-scale models.

NASA also allows the VR environments to be used while suspended in the air as seen in the video.

Let's not also not forget Virtusphere and their simulators for integrated health and military scenarios with VR and haptic devices. Being able to move 360 degrees and feel totally immersed in a specific environment can be so valuable and lower training costs.

So in fact games and gaming technology can be instrumental in the training and preparation of military and health personnel and that it's important to try new forms of technology and continue to push the boundaries of our perceived limitations.

I found this user's gameplay experience using HTC Vive (featured earlier) who was quite impressed with the realism of the unit.


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