Thursday, April 14, 2011


PuchingPro looks to take the exercise and gaming to a different place and in some ways is the next generation of the Exergame Station. Still in its early stages of development, this interactive project has a lot going for it including its ability to independently change fighting conditions such as: agility, speed and power on a control panel.  It can randomly throw both jabs and hooks at different speeds and from changing directions.  Ding-Ding! Ready....Fight!

WIBC (Wouldn't It Be Cool)

  • Have a scoring system linked to an on-screen display
  • Have an in-game avatar linked and synced to the PunchingPro so that you're really immersed
  • Add an arcade punching game (BMI Gaming featured Boxer One & Dragon Punch) feature like using accelerometers to track total forces exerted and use that to add to the overall score or rating.

[Via Technbob]

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