Friday, April 15, 2011

Earn Virtual Nintendo Chump Change For Walking [3ds]

Via Kotaku: Earn Virtual Nintendo Chump Change For Walking [3ds]: "

With the new Nintendo 3DS debuting to some solid sales (~400,000), besides the "3D display", the units also pack a lot more punch in terms of hardware and software. In particular, it includes a InvenSense MEMS triaxial gyrometer and a STMicroelectronics triaxial accelerometer that makes it more of a motion gaming device and physical activity monitor.  In essence, the 3DS is a six-degrees of freedom controller like the Wii Controller, Playstation Move, or other mobile device.  By carrying the new 3DS around with you, the accelerometer picks up your movements and assigns you Game Coins that can be used in certain games as a form of virtual cash and track your overall physical activity.

To find out more about mobile exergaming, be sure to check out Yoonsin Oh's great work from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

"Nintendo has always been at the forefront of active gaming. Getting up, moving around. Obviously the Wii launched that. As you touched on, we've also done it with a number of handheld games. We had a game called Personal Training Walking that leveraged a pedometer. And obviously the most recent two Pokemon games leveraged a similar type of system." [Via MTV]
Nintendo 3DS "Target Shooting" hands...Image via Wikipedia
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