Saturday, March 18, 2017

CES 2017 - Health, Fitness & Wellness Technology - GPS Garmin, GPSTuner, Coursa (part 20)

If we'e talking about fitness tracking, GPS is an incredibly accurate method to track your routes, elevation, distances, times, etc...; however, the big drawback is the incredible drain on the battery GPS systems typically incur.

Besides the behemoth in the room - Garmin, two interesting platforms I ran across were CoursaSports and GPSTuner.

CoursaSports -
Garmin -
GPSTuner -

CoursaSports uses a unique low-powering consuming GPS and multi-axial accelerometers to lower the drain on battery consumption by up to 50% by helping to cycle when the units use power.

Coursa Sports improves the wearable device battery life by up to 50% during workouts by frequently turning GNSS off (duty-cycling). During duty-cycling, the lower power sensors are used to track fitness data at the same accuracy as GNSS. This feature extends battery life during a running session, and enables developers to migrate their smartphone apps to smart watch devices, where smaller batteries and the high power consumption of GNSS previously prohibited fitness tracking use cases.
The Coursa Sports platform is designed to provide more accurate and always available speed, distance, and route tracking and at least a 3X improvement in relative elevation reporting for walking, hiking and running at up to 50% reduced power consumption as to 100%-On GPS. Coursa Sports is comprised of an SDK for integration into a mobile/wearable application and a cloud server. Mobile and wearable application developers can
download the Coursa Sports SDK (Android or IOS) today from
GPS Tuner is focused on helping the eBike industry keep their riders safe and routed to areas of greatest interest for workers and tourists alike

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