Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Phd Defense - Pooya Soltani, MSc Swimming Exergame

So proud to announce Pooya's PhD Defense of his exergame research using the MS Kinect swimming game.

You'll do awesome. 

Dear researcher,

This Thursday, on March 9th at 10:30 (GMT), I will defend my PhD thesis entitled "Virtual Swimming: A psycho-biophysical evaluation of an active video game". You can watch the event live at
During the session, I will explore the use of video games in physical education and sport, and I will critically evaluate a swimming video game from different aspects to show how players play (and cheat), and how these games can be used as gateways to real sports.

- Sport video games for physical education and sport.
- A biomechanical characterization of sport exergames: The role of game experience, gender, and knowledge of real sports.
- Using muscle activation for characterizing sport exergames: Possibilities, challenges, and issues.
- Sport exergames to substitute real sports: A physiological approach.
- Sport exergames to encourage real sports and physical activity: A psychological approach.

09 March 2017 – 10:30 (GMT)
Auditorium of Faculty of Sport
Rua Dr. Plácido Costa, 91 Porto, Portugal
Free entrance
Watch live at

I would also appreciate if you kindly spread the word to the interested individuals.

Thank you very much.

Pooya Soltani, MSc
PhD candidate of Sport Science
Faculty of Sport l Porto Biomechanics Laboratory l University of Porto
Rua Dr. Plácido Costa, 91, 4200-450 Porto, Portugal.

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