Thursday, March 16, 2017

CES 2017 - Health, Fitness & Wellness Technology - Emfit & Tanita (part 19)

Continuing this marathon of CES 2017 device coverage two other systems of fitness and health monitoring are Emfit and Tanita.

Emfit QS is an under the mattress monitor that measures your sleep and heart-rate variability to provide you an accurate detailed look at your performance, sleep, and fitness variables. With this detailed look you can learn how to tweak your routines and optimize your training and competition
for success.

I've used Tanita for over a dozen years for anthropometric data collection but some of their new tech is geared towards athletic dominance. I really liked their 3D body scanning real-time display which showed your approximate levels of bone, fat, muscle and water.

Although it is not the only 3D body scanning system including:

  • Fit3D - -
  • Styku - -
  • Artec3D -
  • ShapeScale - -

Also at CES was ShapeScale a 3d body scanner!

Click here to read more of ExerGame Lab's archived posts involving research studies. 

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