Monday, March 27, 2017

Level Up Your Walk With 'Step Buy Step: A Pedometer Adventure'

This iPhone only pedometer exergame Step Buy Step was created by the ultra popular creators of Zombies Run (Six to Start) and rewards you in game for the steps you take in the real-world. You can buy up to 40 creatures

Walk ten steps and buy a Dog. Your canine companion adds an extra 4 Stepps to each of your own steps! Get 100 Stepps and it’s time to buy a Flock of Sheep. Now you’re really cooking: 40 Stepps per step and you’re covering 100 yards with every fall of your feet. 
I like their play on words from BUY to STEPPS and obviously shows their playfulness as a company - which is great considering how successful they've been across their 8 apps developed at helping you get in shape - without thinking about getting in shape.

I loved playing Zombies Run as it really put you in the survival mode and got you moving especially in story mode. I personally think we need to do more playing in general and hope these games can be Gateway Games to an active lifestyle.

Via Geek Dad Level Up Your Walk With 'Step Buy Step: A Pedometer Adventure'

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