Thursday, May 17, 2012

Exergamer on Kickstarter

The PC #exergaming peripheral Exergamer is a little short ($98, 596 to be exact) of attaining his $100k goal and I've profiled the device previously. Would you buy one for $50?

Exergaming Points 2 Ponder (P2P)
  • It reads that "vertical movements...[are] comparable to the pressing and releasing of a joystick trigger or left mouse button". 
    • So does that mean in essence doing a push-up?  
    • To shoot or use your trigger you need to do a push-up? 
    • If you were standing up, would you have to jump to use the trigger, left-mouse?
    • Games would be over pretty quickly for any shooting game.
  • It looks like they switched to Mouse Mapper for the mapping functionality.
    • I like the customizability of the JS Mapper software as it allows for multiple user preferences and abilities.
  • Being in the plank position for any amount of time is difficult, but having to also look at your laptop on the floor while playing and moving around in your game, essentially forces your neck into an awkward hyper-extended position....ouch.
  • I think it is also seems a little uncomfortable having to do push-ups, move around then have to pick-up your Exergamer Hands and re-position them without leaving the push-up position.
  • I'd like to try the ExerGamer to see how it works. I know the movements would be a fantastic workout, but I worry about the effect on the games and the enjoyment levels.
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