Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GOGOYU kids' PA powers #exergame with FitBit

GOGOYU is a Health eGame that is powered by the amount of physical activity tracked on a Fit Bit. The game is in Alpha stage across Canada and has accumulated 49,217,607 steps which in turns fills your GOGOYU Power bars to fuel you up to find clues to the energy crisis. Almost sounds like Monsters. Inc collecting screams to power their world.  Would love to see more of this Alpha/Beta gameplay and minigames. Any invites? Hit me up at Twitter (@syangman) if you know someone who knows someone!

GOGOYU is set in 2032. It is a time of crisis, according to the game, because people are running out of energy. Children play GOGOYU by wearing a FitBit pedometer that is used to track the amount of steps they take every day. The more active they are, the further their characters go in the online game, which has the avatars doing all sorts of fun things like engaging in snowball fights and placing ingredients into a device that will spit out a virtual “Made in Canada” omelet.
An online timer limits game play to 20 minutes a day. While the goal of GOGOYU is to get kids moving, the goal isn’t to have players run themselves ragged.

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